At the Retreat Kinsale, our goal is to enable you to take control of your therapy, by engaging with you on your body's needs. Therefore, you will be able to make an educated decision as to whether you need to take more serious action in relation to your scoliosis, or whether you have got your condition managed, and how often you will need physical therapy to continue to aid your management of your condition.

This 2-step programme is designed to reduce your scoliosis symptoms and help you manage your condition. Repeat the 2 steps to suit your requirements.

Step 1.
We will book you in for a 1 or 2 hour (depending on your time/needs) physical therapy session, in order to:
• Begin to relieve you of pain and tension.
• Will give us a chance to analyze and relieve some of your imbalances.
• Begin to release your soft tissues (muscles, ligaments & tendons) to allow your hard tissues (your skeletal structure) to begin to realign in the next step.

Step 2.
We will book you in for 1 or more (as needed) exercise session(s), in order to demonstrate how to improve your realignment by using.
• Your foam roller/Acupressure Mat.
• Yoga & Pilates.
• Foot yoga.
• Correct gait & posture techniques.
• Analyze work/exercise habits that need replacing in order to aid in realignment and management or your scoliosis.