Indian Face Massage

As you can tell from its name, Indian Face Massage is a form of face massage developed in India, a country long renowned for its innovation in Holistic health care. With Indian Face Massage, no equipment, lotions, potions nor any pseudoscience is used. The musculature of the facial tissue and the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system are massaged to restore normal healthy function. 

Humans are a species that use their face to communicate, through both facial expression and speech. Our emotions show on our faces. Often, we get the most wear and tear on our faces from trying to hide our emotions! The down side of which, causes ageing, and in chronic situations, even pain.  Have you ever experienced the visual impact negative emotions such as worry, stress, fear and even anger have on your face? Perhaps you have even seen this on the face of someone close to you? The old saying; ’careful if the wind blows…’ has wisdom in it. 

After these periods of negative emotional fatigue have passed, if you don’t take time to restore the healthy function of your face, you may be left with that wear and tear and may even begin to ‘feel as old as you look’.

With Indian Face Massage not only is restorative health received through the simple effect of deep rest and relaxation but also by massaging away the build-up of lactic acid that causes muscle tension.  Lactic acid is a painful by-product of a muscle that has been too tense for too long. To put it simply, the blood and lymphatic systems work together in order to bring everything to and take everything from every cell in your body. The blood essentially brings everything good, and the lymphatic takes everything bad away. By palpating the lymphatic and blood system of the face you therapist can unblock these ‘channels’.

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