Hypnosis is a natural trance-like state of mind that takes you into a deep state of relaxation; it is a state of focused attention that uses the conscious mind to facilitate change and successfully tackle many issues. 

Hypno- THERAPY works similarly to talk therapy or counselling and is very different to stage hypnosis - which is simply for entertainment purposes.

Hypnotherapy differs from traditional counselling, whereby it is more goal orientated, therefore achieving results quicker.  Hypnotherapy focuses on ‘triggers’, which are things that causes negative habits or thoughts and finds ‘anchors’, which are things that bring about positive habits or thoughts. The easiest and most relatable example for most people is the person who wants to stop smoking, but finds socialising causes them to smoke. During the free initial 30min consultation, our therapist & the client will find an ‘anchor’ so that the client can use this every time they are socialising in order to prevent them from smoking. 


Quitting smoking is the best known use for Hypnotherapy, so of course Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways of breaking an undesirable habit and forming a desirable one. Hypnotherapy is also one of the best ways of treating minor mental health issues like anxiety, something that is chronic in today’s society. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for goal orientated individuals, for example; an individual wishing to better focus their mind to their studies and achieve better memory recall.


One session may be all a client may need in order to achieve their desired results. An oral recording is made of each session; the client can then use this to re-enforce the therapy, in their own time, whenever they need it. Everyone can benefit from the deeply relaxing effects of Hypnotherapy. Our therapist will simply tell the client when he will tap the client on the shoulder to commence this deep relaxation, and again at the end. 

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