NLP Coaching

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) uses the language of the mind to bring about our specific and desired outcomes. NLP is about noticing our conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns and re-modelling those patterns to achieve swift and lasting changes in the way we think and act. When doubt creeps in, our limiting beliefs cause changes in our behaviour, thereby creating a vicious circle of diminishing confidence and self-esteem. NLP breaks this cycle quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the self-sabotaging negative self-talk is also eliminated.

Are there areas of your life that you would like to change or improve but struggle to take action with? Are you overly self-critical or cynical of others? Do you lack confidence or suffer from anxiety? Would you like to improve your relationships with others but don't know how? Are you a procrastinator? Or are you often met with conflict in your work, home, or relationships, resulting in unhappiness? If the answer to any of these questions, and more, is yes, then NLP could be for you!


During your NLP coaching sessions, we will work together to:

Identify Areas for Change: gain awareness, question and challenge your status quo, to bring out the best in you; look at past choices and decisions, with a focus on how you can address choices you will face in the future and challenge your self-limiting beliefs.


Set SMART Objectives: break goals into smaller more achievable steps; tap into inner skills and knowledge.


Stay the Course & Grow: develop a positive mental attitude and growth mindset; address the negative ‘self-talk; help you to manage self-saboteurs.


Achieve Results: Whether you goal is personal or professional, you will be motivated to find positive methods to achieve results.