Our Online & Mobile Retreat offers a wide range of Mind Therapies as both single sessions and pre-designed, multi-session-programmes, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Wellness Coaching as well as Stress & Anxiety Management and NLP. Our new online and mobile services are great for those suffering from social anxiety as we can visit you at home/ your office, or conduct your session online.  To Learn more about our schedule of Mind Therapies please use the drop-down menu located under 'Mind Therapies'  on the navigation bar above.  Alternatively, simply press the required button below, or why not check out our Mind Therapy Reviews at the bottom of the page. 


All Mind Therapy bookings can be made through our online booking platform. To access this platform simply press one of the 'Book Now' buttons to automatically book your online session. 


"Thank you Siobhan & Geff for the fab treatments. Both your kindness & caring shone through. I cannot recommend The Retreat enough & look forward to the next visit."



"I had a great hypnotherapy session with Geffrey. He really takes a lot of time for the initial talk, listens carefully, asks empowering questions and then conducts a bespoke hypnosis which is also recorded, for listening at home. Highly recommended."



"At the end of each session I feel stronger, happier and more at peace. I know that this is helping me hugely. Thank you so much Geff."



"So far I've had 2 sessions (NLP) and it's helped me so much. The fact I'm looking forward to my next session already says it all. Thank you!"

E. D.


"Wonderful treatment with Geff. Working on the mind & body as one was uplifting & I look forward to the benefits over the weeks ahead while listening to my recorded session. First session but I know already I can't wait to meet Geff again."

Jackie D.