Our animal companion therapist is a Vet Nurse and Holistic Therapist, with experience working with large, small and exotic animals, in a many settings including rehab, physiotherapy and hydro therapy.  We specialise in canine massage.

Our therapist will use, where best suited, a combination of AcuMassage with our own blend of CBD Oil, Reflexology, T-Touch therapy and Postural Realignment Techniques on your companion as well as a basic clinical consultation.


This will include advice and assistance on; preventative health care, nutrition, exercise, training and grooming. Our Therapist will use our own blend of herbal oils to induce relaxation and restoration in our designated animal area.


The success levels reached by the treatment will be influenced by you, your animal companion and the environment. So please read the Booking confirmation information attached to your online booking confirmation prior to your visit in order to be best prepared.


Unless your animal companion is socialised, able to relax and is not aggressive, they might not be a suitable candidate for the therapy. The environment of the practice is relaxed, and we must do our utmost to ensure that it remains so for the animal receiving the treatment.

The human is just another animal, and your companion will enjoy all the benefits that you do from receiving massage for example;


  • Deep relaxation, increasing healing and decreasing stress related behaviors.

  • Increased oxygenation and muscle tone, to all areas of the body, help for the healing animal to the competing one.

  • Pain relief.

  • Improved joint flexibility,Boost the immune system. Improvements in physical and emotional well-being.

  • Help to relieve age related problems. Reverse muscle atrophy from inactivity or disuse.

  • Provide relief from muscle tension, soreness, spasms, and weaknesses.


  • Provide relief from chronic pain and discomfort from arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. through the release of endorphins.


Our Veterinary Nurse will work in conjunction to the care your companion is receiving from their Veterinary Surgeon.