Holistic Personal Training

At the Retreat Kinsale, we treat the entirety of the individual. This is still true to be said of our  Personal Training approach. Our therapists will use their qualifications in Yoga Pilates, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, herbalism, rehabilitation and Hypnotherapy if and where necessary to maximise the benefits for the client.

P.T stands for Personal Training, but also Positivity Training. We are going to take remove the negative thoughts words and actions associated with conventional PT.

  • The client will decide what they are going to gain, instead of loose.

  • The only measurement used will be, the clients increased abilities, and comfort, whether this is during their activity or simply in their clothes.

  • The client will be using the ‘freestyle’ activity of their choice. Enabling them to be active, any where anyhow.

  • The nourishment of the individual will be our focus.

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