The five main areas that a Wellness Coach can help with are: fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight and other health-related issues. Wellness Coaching can help you to eat healthier, get fitter, and increase your daily energy. The main focus with Wellness Coaching is to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes, not to provide quick fixes.

Health and wellness coaches are trained to use science‐based tools and psychology. 

Coaches collaborate & partner with clients to encourage personal responsibility, reflective thinking, self‐discovery and self‐control. They do not analyse problems, prescribe solutions and treatments or replace the need for medical or psychological intervention. Referral to a specialist for these is sometimes necessary.

Our wellness coach, Siobhan, spent 10 years as a Wellness Personal Trainer. During which time she qualified as a Lifestyle and Fitness coach. As part of her Holistic therapies at The Retreat Kinsale, Siobhan encourages clients to emotionally unburden and incorporates guided meditation as part of our ‘body’ treatments. Siobhan always dreamt of studying psychology and was finally rewarded with a distinction in both Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.

Single session Wellness Coaching:  45 euro per session. 

Or why not opt for The Complete Retreat Programme and create your own 3-session Wellness Coaching series, which can include therapies for both body & mind.