Give yourself., your family and friends the opportunity to avail of complete holistic health as you make your space your sanctuary with one of our half-day or full day events.  


Are you that busy family member, tired of running around trying to get everyone to take better care of themselves? Well, put your feet up, take a load off, and with two clicks of your mouse, we will bring it all to your family, especially you - the one who needs it the most. With something for all ages and interests - ranging from reflexology for the kids to full-body massage for the grownups and even mind therapies for those who prefer a hands-off approach. simply click the above 'Click Here & We'll Com to You' button to book your full or half day event, depending on your family size, and we will adapt to each individual on the day. 


Are you having a gathering, get-together or team treat day? Then why not share the gift of holistic health with our full-day Mini-Event. Our unique 'click and we'll come to you' mobile service can cater for up to 4 adults (Half day event) or 8 adults (full day event) in your home, club, office or special event location for one all-inclusive price. simply click the above 'Click Here & We'll Come to You' button to book your full or half day event, and we will adapt to each individual on the day. 


Your day begins with guided meditation for both you and your guest in our Mind Room. You will then have time apart to enjoy our lounger experience as well as a visit to our Body Room to experience a mix of physical therapies to get your body and mind relaxed.  After your body therapies you will return to the Mind Room once more for a 2nd, forest inspired, session of guided meditation to put you in the right frame of mind.


Later, your outdoor forest experience will start with a foraged meal & some fireside fun, before you get to grips with forest & shoreline foraging.


Finally, we will return you to the Retreat where you can refresh before home.