N. Christian

"I didn't realise quite how much I needed Siobhan's helping hands until I walked out of her retreat and the world felt lighter and lovelier. Thank you for brightening up my rocky holiday Siobhan. I'm so grateful!

Highly recommend a visit to the Retreat Kinsale if your muscles are tight or you need a respite from the busy world. You will find relief from both here."


A.D. Enright 

"I had an amazing appointment with Siobhan recently and found her to be incredibly professional and I found immediate results. I would highly recommend the retreat, Kinsale."



"Amazing attention to detail with an emphasis on your personal choice from a number of treatment methods.. Pleasant, Professional and refreshing!!


Cannot recommend The Retreat Kinsale highly enough! Lots of my issues were identified from the reflexology treatment followed by targeted massage to help alleviate the source and overall effects. Very relaxing atmosphere which is vital during diagnosis."



"The Retreat was an easy drive from Kinsale town (+ I was greeted by a fluffy, friendly dog that lowered my blood pressure considerably!). The next two hours (herbal tea, foot soak, full body massage, lovely conversation) were as pleasant as I've had in a great long while. Hope to come again somebody!"



'Always over and beyond expectations - remarkable healing place. 

The Retreat Staff are intuitive and highly experienced. The atmosphere is deeply calming and filled with a sense of authentic care and compassion.'



"After 2 massages and 1 reflexology session at The Retreat Kinsale, I couldn't recommend the place highly enough. It's an oasis of calm the minute you step through the door. Can't wait for my next appointment!!"


Here at The Retreat KInsale we dedicate ourselves to being students of life.


We have studied and worked in many fields including health care, and this, including our own trials with our physical and mental health, has given us the true understanding of the wisdom ‘your health is your wealth’.

We don’t believe however that an individual should require wealth in order to obtain health. We believe passionately in preventative health care and treating the individual as a whole; hence holistic therapy. We will endeavour to provide our clients with a service in simple seclusion, one-on-one, in order to optimise their results.


At The Retreat Kinsale we known what that feels like, which is why we wish to assure you;

  • This is a family run business with male and female therapists present and available.

  • There are many massage therapies for you to choose from where by you can remain clothed.

  • When receiving a massage large towels fold back only for the soft tissue being treated at a time.

  • Hypnotherapy, sessions are recorded, not only for your reassurance, but also so that you can listen to the session as many times needed to continue your therapy. During Hypnotherapy, the only physical touch used will be a ‘cued’ tap on the shoulder.

  • Your animal companion, just like you, can avail of our complimentary sample sessions and visit our Veterinary Nurse at the practice and ‘sniff it out’ and see if they will be comfortable.

  • Our Hypnotherapist will consult with you, before proceeding, with your session, and inform you if you will be best suited to the treatment.

  • Our therapists, just like you, value our boundaries, and how it enables us to relax, feeling safe and assured.


We are open 8am - 8pm, Tuesday to Saturdays. All sessions are by appointment only. 

Complimentary Sample sessions

Here at the Retreat Kinsale we would love to invite you to book in for our complimentary sampler sessions. This will give you an opportunity to meet our therapists sample our therapies and ‘map out’ the Holistic Therapy Package best for you.



B. Landry

"Amazing place, off the beaten track. Siobhan assessed where I held my stress and tailored the type of massage to suit. Her depth of knowledge in reflexology of the feet identified some knots in my shoulder that I was not aware of and removed with out any discomfort using hot stones. I have not experienced such a client centred approach before. I will definitely be going back.

I really felt the massage was tailored to address where I held my stress. I felt this tailoring and your advice after is something no other place offers.

thank you!"



"The place is so cosy, peaceful and relaxing. Geff and Siobhan are lovely people, very easy to talk to and, with great knowledge. Left the place feeling very relaxed. I would definitely visit again and recommend. Thank you so much for an amazing experience."



"Lovely host. Passionate about her work. Such a serene peaceful place. Loved it."


F. Sekwenda

"Me and my girls were there and it felt like home. The owners are lovely and really friendly. We had a great time. Will definitely come back there again."



"I have physical issues that cause a lot of pain, so I get massages regularly. I got a Groupon deal for this place, and decided to give it a go, even though it was a 40 minute drive. It was worth EVERY minute of the drive! They really know their stuff. It was hands down the best massage I've EVER had! I'll be going back, and won't be bothered about paying (Sic.) full price, it's worth every penny. Cute, spotlessly clean place, easy to get to but in a quiet rural area just out of town."



"Thank you Siobhan & Geff for the fab treatments. Both your kindness & caring shone through. I cannot recommend The Retreat enough & look forward to the next visit."

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